Own The Night

by New Hate Rising

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released September 9, 2016



all rights reserved


New Hate Rising Stendal, Germany

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Track Name: Whenever I Want
Whenever I Want
(Music:Schulz, Hoffart; Lyrics: Schulz)

I don’t know when I lost track
We are the same but different
Cause you are everything I stood against
When I first fell in love with this

New rules and laws everywhere
Who made you the judge
Who tells me what is right or wrong
When I am the only one in charge

I speak my mind whenever I want
I just do whatever whenever I want

I don’t walk down memory lane
Because yesterday doesn’t matter
But you became the one you fought against
But you are just too blind to see


HC means freedom to me
Not to put myself in chains
This is not my way
Never. No chance. No way.

Track Name: Pure Hate
Pure Hate
(Music:Schulz, Hoffart, Mäß, Lyrics:Schulz)

Give me a break and
Let me sum it up for you
You are worthless, cause
you ain't nothing, you know nothing
and you have never done shit to be something

But you want to feel good
And want to be proud of something
So you think the place where you where born
Makes you better than others

You are proud of something
For that you did nothing
So this is the final proof
You are nothing

No respect for what you are
Just pure hate
No tolerance for your thoughts
Just pure hate
No tolerance for your words
Just pure hate
No tolerance for your acts
Just pure hate

So the end of the story is
You are nothing
And you never have done shit
To be something/somebody
Track Name: Own The Night
Own The Night
(Music:Schulz, Hoffart; Lyrics:Schulz)

In the shine of street lights
We celebrate tonight
No doubt this is our time
We own the night

The night belongs to those
Who are willing to take it
And I am so damn ready
So bury the sunlight
And bring on the night

Meet up with friends
Hit our favorite place
Where everyone knows our names
So let's bring it on


Even though I know I may lose control
And hate next morning for sure
I won't pass on this chance
So let's dance

Lead: Reising

Track Name: C.O.H.
Code Of Honour (C.O.H.)
(Music.Schulz,Reising; Lyrics:Schulz)

I am not a wise man. How should I be?
Cause I am probably not as old as you.
I am not a preacher. How could I be?
Cause I am not stigmatized with dogmas.

This is the way. This is the way.
I don’t see a need to change my view
This is the way
That fits my life best

Respect the ones you want to be respected by.
It’s that simple. This is the C.O.H.

This is the way I always did it.
This is the way I will always live it.

Beside this I know one thing for sure.
I don’t care if you like it or not.
But take a minute and think about it.
You will not regret it.



This is the way I always did it.
This is the way I will always live it.
Track Name: Prepare For War
Prepare For War
(Music:Schulz, Hoffart; Lyrics:Schulz)

Everything will change
Nothing will stay the same
There is no time to stand still
Cause there is nothing left to lose
And hope shall be our driver
That shows us the way
All or nothing
Prepare for war

A wise man once said words are mightier than swords
A nice image in a world full of hate
Bless the mass media for saying that we live in an apparently safe world
(Just because you don’t see or hear of anything doesn’t mean it is not there)

Peace is just a break to take a deep breath. It was never meant to last
(And I can tell you exactly why)
As long as somebody desires something that is not their own
there is no end for conflicts in sight


Emotions. (The thing that could be our biggest strength)
Are (unfortunately also) our biggest weakness if you look twice
Hate, grudge and greed drive this world
And this is plain to see

Even if you close your eyes
The truth is that the story of humanity
Is an eternal war and
Only the dead see the end

Track Name: Not My Time
Not My Time
(Music:Schulz,Reising; Lyrics:Schulz)

He makes no difference between young or old
If you're rich or poor, it doesn't matter after all
Cause he loves everyone
And cannot wait for your last breath

There comes my good old friend
As always straight out of nowhere
He never says Hello or Goodbye
Every time we meet, he leaves a hole in my life


If you haven't met him, good for you
But I can promise you, you will
Sooner than you wish for
And he will hit you unprepared

I am sure he cannot wait to take my hand
And walk with me straight into
The emptiness and nothingness
But not today. This is not my time.
My journey is not over yet
My story is not fulfilled yet

Track Name: No Regrets (unplugged)
No Regrets
(Music:Hoffart , Lyrics:Schulz)

If there is no tomorrow
Have you felt alive today
If there is no tomorrow
Could you look back with no regrets

I am far too strong to break
I face my life with all its challenges
And don’t run away
Even though I never feel prepared

Life taught me a simple lesson
There is a solution to every problem
And I take every problem
As an opportunity to show what I am made of


And if I find myself on the ground
I know I am not alone
My family and friends stick with me
They will never let me down and nor will I

Track Name: Hands Of A Dying Man
Hands Of A Dying Man
(Music:Hoffart; Lyrics:Schulz)

I still remember as if it was yesterday
I passed the door. You lay on the bed
I couldn't believe what has become of you.
A strong mind prisoned in a weak shell

Every time a loved one passes away
A part of yourself dies

You will never be closer to death in life
Than when you hold the hands of a dying man

Your last words I will stay with me forever.
"When you look back on your life,
you will regret the things you didn't do
More than the ones you did

Every time a loved one passes away
A part of yourself dies


The years passed by
But your words still echo in my head
I am still trying to live up to them
And grab every chance life hands me
Track Name: No Saviour
No Savior
(Music:Hoffart, Schulz; Lyrics:Schulz)

To the lost and forgotten
There is no savior to rescue you from drowning
To the lost and forgotten
Salvation lies just within yourself

The fatal loss of someone
Is always a tragedy but also natural
Mourning is your birth given right
You got my sympathy

But be careful cause even mourning
has to come to an end
Don’t let the hole the passed one caused
Consume your life


I am sorry but I have to destroy your daydreams
Hollywood just told you lies. Start to face real life
Tomorrow is just a lame excuse and so is I try.
Stand up and finally live your lives

Lead: Reising

Everything ends. Start to look ahead.
Move on. Start to change your misery.
What better time than right now
What better place than right here

Track Name: Words Of Freedom
Words Of Freedom
(Music:Schulz, Reising; Lyrics:Schulz)

Hello, my name doesn't matter
But I can help you for sure
I could sell you freedom
if you can pay my price

What do I want from you?
Everything. Sometimes even your life
Sell everything and leave everything behind
And I show you the promised land

Words of freedom
From the mouth of a snake
Fake salvations sold
To the poorest of the poor
To those with no way out

Come closer. I never said
This is gonna be a luxury cruise
But trust me
No one is gonna die


Man overboard. Stop crying
Or you're the next in line,
The next line to casually die
As my god complex is being satisfied

Track Name: R.K.O.
(Music:Schulz; Lyrics:Hoffmann)

Just when you think you know the answers,
I change the questions
I'm the excellence of execution
I`m the king of the World
i am the game and i'm that damn good
I'm your genetic Jackhammer
Who's next?
Can you dig it, sucka?

Beware, beware R.K.O. outta nowhere
Beware, beware R.K.O. outta nowhere
Beware, beware R.K.O. outta nowhere
Beware, beware R.K.O. outta nowhere
Track Name: Day By Day
Day By Day
(Music:Reising; Lyrics:Reising)

Day by day
Too many choices - no one knows the right way.
Day by day
Your biggest fear is tomorrow
So tell me how you spin your wheel of fortune?
Blindfolded - hands tied.

Stay away from your comfort zone!
Large Waves can be caused by small stones.

2. Strophe:

Sometimes everything goes wrong -
So get up and fight against the unknown!
Someday you'll reach your goal.
It's a new day - another game.
Listen to me! You still got time!


Dear youth!
I don't want to offend anyone
This is just another point to make -
these signs of this modern disease.

Lead: Reising

And now we're all in the same small boat


And now we are all in the same small boat!